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[Product specifications] 60g/set

[Product packaging] 30 sets/box      12boxes/ctn

[Main Ingredients] Lavender, aloe vera, chamomile, aromatherapy essential oil, pearls, polymer water-absorbing materials and multivitamins, etc.

[Product Usage] It can regulate qi and relieve stagnation, blood circulation and blood stasis, activate blood circulation and disperse stagnation, detoxify and reduce swelling, cheer up the mood, relieve stress, remove aging cutin on the epidermis and purify dirt in the hair, unblock hair follicles, promote cell regeneration, prevent skin aging, and smooth the skin. Soothe fine lines on the skin and bathe your feet regularly for better results

[Usage and Dosage] Take 5kg of foot bath solution and put it into warm water of about 50℃, stir evenly, soak your feet for about 20 minutes, then add a dissolving agent to dissolve the gel for easy cleaning and drying, and then you can perform foot massage

Foot Bath Crystal -Lavender 30sets足浴水晶泥 薰衣草

庫存單位: FP008
增值税  未含
  • 【产品名称】足浴水晶泥 薰衣草


    【产品包装】30套/盒 , 12盒/箱





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